Patient Care

New Patients

You need a referral from either your GP or another specialist to be able to see Dr Pretorius. To make an appointment you can contact our rooms on 07 4819 9600 between office hours:

Monday to Thursday 8:30 – 5pm

Friday 8:30 – 4pm

Our friendly office staff will be able to help you with any of your enquires, and book you for the first available appointment in the clinic of your preference in either Rockhampton or Gladstone. Dr Pretorius is based in Rockhampton and visits Gladstone once a week for a clinic. We also accept Workcover patients and we are a preferred DVA provider.

What to bring to your appointment?

  • Referral
  • Medicare card
  • Private health fund Card / details
  • Medication list and / or allergies known
  • Imaging:

Dr Pretorius has online access to CQ Radiology, I-Med and Bolsover Radiology. Most radiology companies no longer provide hard copies of their films. Unless the radiology is done with a difference provider other than these listed, we do not require you to bring hard copies along with you. Please check with the office staff if you are unsure.

  • Consultation Fees:

Initial appointments are 30 minutes, and you will be advised of the consultation fee upon making your booking. Follow up visits are 15mins. Both initial and follow up visit have a Medicare rebate that can be claimed. Dr Pretorius’s fee schedule is as per the AMA rates.

Surgery with CQOSM


Dr Pretorius performs surgical procedures at the Hillcrest Private Hospital as well as the Mater Private Hospital.

There are a few components that determine out of pockets expenses. For those patients with private health insurance, each health insurer has a different level of cover, and it is best to check with your fund that you are covered for the procedure you need to have done. You will receive an Estimate of fees when making your booking for surgery. On this estimate you will find the MBS item number(s), that you will need to refer to when contacting your health fund to check whether you are covered for your proposed surgery and what your level of cover will be.

Known Gap Fees will be discussed with eligible patients by Dr. Pretorius.

The surgical fee includes all visits in hospital and any related follow up visits in the rooms, for about 6 weeks following surgery, depending on the procedure.

It is routine for the surgeon to use an assistant surgeon and this will be discussed with you at the time of the booking of your surgery.

There is a separate fee for the anaesthetic and the anaesthetist will contact you prior to surgery at which time the fee for your surgery will be discussed.


The admission process is an important step to ensure that your surgery can run as smoothly as possible. The admin staff in our rooms will explain to you in detail which hospital location your surgery will be performed at and your preparation requirements. If there is anything that you are unsure of or need clarification on, please do not hesitate to contact the rooms on 07 4819 9600.

Please use the information below as a general guide and starting point for the appropriate hospital where your surgery will be taking place:

Hillcrest Private Hospital:

Operating days: Mondays are an all-day list and every 2nd Friday is a morning list. (Please check with Rooms for availability / dates)

You will need to complete the hospital admission forms prior to your surgery and at least a week before the surgery day. You can do this by either of the following options.

  1. Online – Hillcrest Online Admission
  2. Paper Booklet
  3. Scan and Email – this option can be provided by the hospital (they would scan a copy of the forms for you and give you an email address to return it to).

The Hillcrest pre-admission staff will contact you on the Friday prior to surgery to notify you of your admission time and fasting instruction for your Monday surgery.

If you are having surgery on one of the Friday morning’s lists – The Hillcrest Pre-admission staff will contact you on the Thursday, the day before surgery.

There is a wealth of very useful information available on the hospital website with regards to pre-admission procedures that will ensure you are very well prepared and ready for your surgery: Hillcrest pre-admission info

Mater Private Hospital:

Operating day: Wednesday afternoon list. (Please check with Rooms for availability and dates)

  1. Online – Mater Online Admission
  2. Paper Booklet
  3. Scan and email the paper forms to
  4. Mail – reply paid envelope is provided in Mater admission booklet (allow at least 7 days)

Mater Hospital pre-admission staff will contact you on the Tuesday afternoon the day prior to surgery to notify you of your admission time and fasting instruction for your Wednesday afternoon surgery.


Depending on the type of surgery you are having done (you will be advised):

  • You may be required to have blood, urine and /or radiology tests done prior to surgery. This is usually for major surgeries like joint replacement surgery.
  • If necessary, make arrangements for help you might need around the house following surgery.
  • Check your list of medication with the surgeon to see whether you are required to stop any medications.
  • It is especially important if you use blood thinning medication and newer diabetic medication, called gliptins, which has to be ceased before surgery.
  • Stop smoking as soon as possible prior to surgery.
  • Make sure you have the necessary equipment to help with your recovery, i.e., crutches / walking aids / mobility equipment / raised toilet seats, etc.


Aftercare is an extremely important part on your road to recovery following your surgery. This includes doing appropriate exercises, wound care and following any rehabilitation program provided to you by your Healthcare team. You might need to see a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist for ongoing treatment to ensure an optimal outcome. Every person’s recovery will be different from the next. We will be there to support you every step of the way.

Returning Patient, After Care + Follow-up Patients

You will be advised by Dr Pretorius whether you will need a follow-up appointment at the end of your initial consultation. He will also advise you on the timeline of your treatment – accordingly our friendly staff will be able to help you find a suitable date, time and clinic to come and see us again. Follow-up appointments usually lasts for 15 minutes – please advise if you think you need more time.

After Care is an extremely important part and major contributor to the success of any Orthopaedic Surgery or treatment. If you want to give yourself the best chance at optimal healing, you need to follow the instructions of your healthcare team – nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, exercise therapists, dieticians, clinicians and surgeons. Your condition / surgery will determine which of these will apply to you.

After surgery, hospital staff will usually let you know when you need to make an appointment with Dr. Pretorius again for a surgery follow-up. These follow-ups are generally 10 – 14 days post-surgery for a general check-up, removal of sutures, checking up on the wound(s) and for further instructions on rehabilitation and continuation of care.

*As always, please contact the surgery with any questions or concerns that you may have*