Adult reconstruction + Robotics

This service provides the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in a wide variety of hip– and knee joint related problems, caused either by inflammation, injury / accidents or normal wear and tear. We provide the latest evidence based,non-operative treatments and conservative strategies through to the most trusted, innovative, surgical techniques to relieve pain, improve joint function and transform the lives of our patients. Some of our surgical treatments include direct anterior approach replacement surgery, robotics / robot assisted surgery for joint replacements.


Trauma is a major cause of shoulder injuries amongst athletes and older people where falls and collisions can impact on tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles. Some people are predisposed to injury by overuse, caused by repetition / repetitive movements as a result of their occupation or the sport they play. And then of course, age – as we get older, we have normal degeneration of bone, etc. We provide comprehensive investigative, conservative and surgical treatments. Shoulder surgery can include arthroscopic investigative surgery, repairs, joint replacements as well as surgical treatment of trauma and fractures.

Sports Medicine

Not all injuries need surgery. As part of our Sports Medicine Services, we provide experienced, up to date, diagnostic, rehabilitative, continual care and treatment for all kinds of sports injuries. We always rely on our greater healthcare community for a holistic approach to all of our patients, and even more so when it comes to sports medicine. Sports injuries can include ligament / tendon injuries (i.e., MCL, LCL knee injuries), muscle (i.e.,torn quadriceps- or hamstring muscles) or bone injuries (i.e., undisplaced fractures) to nearly any part of the body.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

This part of Orthopaedics deals with the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of foot and ankle disorders.Surgery is always considered to be a last resort if conservative approaches have failed to alleviate symptoms, or in the case of traumatic injuries to the foot and ankle. There is a wide variety of conditions and disorders that we treat, i.e., bunions, fractures, plantar fasciitis, etc. There is also a wide variety of options available to assist in the treatment, care and rehabilitation of these conditions.


Hand treatment and surgery is a broad term that covers a vast number of procedures and management in relation to the different conditions of the hand,wrist and forearm. Some of the reasons for treatment or surgery may include trauma/ injuries, degenerative changes in the hand structure, rheumatic disease i.e.,osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and infections.We provide the latest, researched based treatments and procedures for our patient’s individual needs.

General Orthopaedics + Trauma

With general Orthopaedics and trauma, we focus on the body’s musculoskeletal system. It is a pretty complex system that involves bones, joint, muscles,ligaments, tendons and nerves. From diagnosing the injury or disorder, treating the problem with medication, casts / braces, injectables or surgery, to recovery, rehabilitation and prevention of further injuries or education on slowing down the progression of the disease. Every patient’s path to recovery is a little different to the next.